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About Us

Creator - Christopher Michael

Christopher Michael Sahloff

Creator, Writer, Artist, World Builder 

After more than 20 years of creating characters, and writing stories, Christopher Michael is the creator of CRIT, and the universe they live in. When he decided to create CRIT, he used a resource that he knew well: Dungeons and Dragons. What is a cool and different way to write a story? Organically through the actions of players. But the problem was that there were no source books with material he wanted to use, so he took the rules and created his own game to master. Chris records the game sessions, and turns the story into the comic you read. 

You can find Chris on the Instagram

The creative team of Homebrewed Heroes

Homebrewed Heroes is a group of friends that wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons, but instead of adventurers, they wanted to be superheroes and "homebrewed" their own campaign. Playing together for over 10 years, the group brings together interests around video games, comics, fantasy, science fiction, and anime.


The game sessions around this particular story are challenging and entertaining enough that it was decided to turn the sessions into a comic book. Throughout this story of C.R.I.T., you will get to experience the unique personalities and engaging responses that have kept the team playing for such a long time.

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