Name: Austin Ferguson

Height: 6'1

Weight: 170 lbs

Eyes: Purple

Hair: Brown

Fighting Skills: Basic street fighting techniques. 

Personal Gear: Throwing knives 

Special Powers: Ability to channel ethereal energy into ambient heat energy that he can throw, causing a fireball-like effect. He can envelop the energy around his body without causing harm to himself. 

Being the youngest member of the group, he is always trying to prove himself. His actions can come off as arrogant, but his intent is to show that he can handle himself. As a kid he spent most of his time playing video games, tabletop games and watching anime. Professionally he worked with many game companies in marketing and advertising, and spent a lot of time at conventions. This is where he met a recruiter for Technetic and was invited to join their team.


After the incident which left him, and the rest of the team, with their new abilities, he spent time adjusting to his powers. As the only member of C.R.I.T. to have any physical changes, he had to learn to control them. His eyes became purple, which he could pass off as contacts, but his heroic form caused his face to become engulfed in ethereal flames. People not familiar with him confused him with being a villain or anti-hero, so he donned a mask to help cover his lower face. His appearance also gained interest from people outside of Technetic, as scientists desire to study him, and find out the source of his energy. 

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