C.R.I.T. #0

Character Sheets

Where it all began! Join the member of CRIT on their first day of work. 

Usually your first day is full of videos and paperwork, but not for CRIT!

Watch as they gain their powers, and take on their first real mission:

Stop a bank robbery.

Will it go well? Find out in issue 0: Character Sheets!


C.R.I.T. #1

Righteous Indignation 

In this exciting first issue we watch as this new group of heroes works to take down one of the city's most active gangs: The Legion. 

Set in 2019, CRIT takes on a growing amount of crime that has broken out in their home city of New Orleans. Funded by one of the world's largest tech companies, Technetic, they take on gangs, drug dealers, and crime kingpins. In an effort to turn a profit on this investment, Technetic publicly endorses the team causing a new type of arms race as other companies try to create their own type of hero, but are these companies creating heroes or villains?


C.R.I.T. #2

Vigilant pURSUIT 

Following the events that took place in the first issue, CRIT is sent out on their next mission: find and stop whoever has been hijacking shipments of Technetic's military prototypes. Sounds pretty straight forward right? Well, our story is based off of a D&D campaign, and if you know how those go you know that nothing is straight forward!

C.R.I.T. #3

Unusual Suspects


CRIT is in for the fight of their life as they face off against their newest enemies: The Masters of Mayhem!!! Will they defeat these super powered nemesis' or will they fall? 

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